Advance Toy and Small Breed Puppy Growth 3kg

Advance Toy and Small Breed Puppy Growth 3kg

Jumbo Pets

  • $26.95

This is like porridge for dogs – super-absorbent kibbles designed to soak up warm water and make your dog’s food more digestible and comforting. (Don’t let them see you putting honey and cinnamon on your porridge, or they’ll want that too.) As with all Advance products, it’s made from a range of unique and carefully selected ingredients designed to optimise your dog’s health from the inside out. And it’s delicious! (Say the dogs.) Product details chicken the main source of quality protein designed to absorb warm water to soften kibbles before feeding includes vitamins and nutrients essential to a healthy immune system strengthens brain development supports gastrointestinal health contains Advance’s secret weapon: Nutrifibre, which works like a prebiotic in the gut and results in healthier stools.

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