Advance Toy and Small Breed Weight Control 2.5kg

Advance Toy and Small Breed Weight Control 2.5kg

Jumbo Pets

  • $24.95

If your small-breed dog is inactive or prone to obesity, he needs your help in managing his weight. Advance knows just how to go about maintaining your dog’s vitamin and mineral uptake, whilst simultaneously limiting calories and supporting weight loss. So you can rest easy knowing your dog is on a healthy diet that supports his specific needs. For optimum weight management and a lean body mass index, feed your pet a combination of Advance wet and dry food – and consult your veterinarian for additional advice. Product details provides lower calories but not at the expense of healthful vitamins and minerals includes patented combination of soluble and insoluble fibre to support gut health promotes oral health through specially designed kibble size and shape, and added sodium tripolyphosphate to prevent plaque calcification fortifies urinary tract health maintains healthy coat and skin

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