California Exotic Eclipse Duo 4.5" Kegel Balls

California Exotic Eclipse Duo 4.5" Kegel Balls

Wild Secrets

  • $26.99

Seamless, sophisticated and unscented, the Couture Collection Eclipse Duo Balls are graduated spheres of inlaid silicone scientifically weighted for maximum results!

With pregnancy, childbirth, aging, weight issues and abdominal surgery (such as a cesarean section) can often result in the weakening of the pelvic floor muscles which leads to stress incontinence and a loss of sexual sensation.

Daily "Kegel" exercises consisting of contracting and relaxing the muscles that form part of the pelvic floor however, have been proven to retrain these muscles to their pre-pregnancy strength and tone.

And it's a fact that a well toned vagina and pelvic floor are guaranteed to enhance erotic sensation and promote ultra-intense orgasms all 'round!

Innovation, luxury, power, and passion are the inspiration for the elegantly understated new Couture Collection.

The Eclipse Spheres are seamless, sophisticated, waterproof massagers crafted from Japanese medical grade Silicone.

Elegantly understated, graduated and scientifically weighted, the spheres feature a secure retrieval cord for safe use.

Designed for maximum results as part of a daily vaginal exercise program, the sphere's promote intense orgasms.


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